8mm Vintage Camera App Reviews

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Real life in 8mm

Like really much this apps. Intuitive,,you can easily create a little piece of art. Moody,original,funny. Thanks 8mm You make real life looks m spirit. BR from Paris,France.


Updating library is too slow!!! After half an hour is always on 20%

The best!!!!

O melhor!!! Thanks!!!


Its cool and fun

Dont save

Work fine, but cant save on the camera reel

I liked

This app is so good and very easy


Very very very cool, really the best of the 8mm cameras, easy to use great effects well done!

Best vintage app ever!

Such amazing app! Every single detail is well doned.


how to put music?

Very good!!!

Excellent app!

Great vintage looks

The 8 mm gives great vintage looks!! Even the scratches and dust look natural and real. I love this app as it creates the atmosphere of the good old home movies from the time we were kids... Thumbs up!

Best app ever

I love this app, so easy to work with and great effects!!!


Very very good app.


The best!

Gebt uns das alte Icon zurück!!!!

Please back to the old Version of the App-Icon!!!

Works not on ios7

App is good but Does not work on ios7. Please update or gimme ma money back

Best vintage movie app

What can I say else? Its the best.

Great app!

Really incredible app! Great work by the developers!


i really like it. you can also create some 20s silent movie clips which is nice. a fun app if you dont have the money to for super 8 film development

Beste 8mm Simulation


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